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Youth Yoga


6 Week Youth Yoga Series

because kid’s mental health matters too.

 upcoming dates:
Starts Sunday, Feb 17!

By nature, children seem to live in the moment better than adults. As adults, we frequently function in an autopilot mode, thinking about what we have done, should have done, or need to do, without giving much thought or feeling to the moment. Children are often not focused on the past or the future, but rather on what they are doing right now-the present moment.

However, our world has become increasingly hectic and multi-faceted for children as well as adults. As a result children find themselves distracted, overwhelmed, and not engaged in the present moment. Children also tend to look for immediate gratification, and teaching mindfulness is a way of slowing down that way of thinking.

Mindfulness Matters for Youth is an empowering 6 week series, designed to help our kids develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness. Students will learn what mindfulness is, the benefits of mindfulness, and how to use mindfulness on a daily basis. Classes include calming yoga poses, simple breathing and relaxation techniques, storytelling, and using the power of imagination for mindful journeys. Activities are age appropriate, relatable, relevant, and fun for all!

Classes are led by Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Nancy Wilson, who is passionate about sharing mindfulness with youth.

Price for Youth Mindfulness Matters:
$14/drop-in per class
$70/entire 8 week series 1 child
*sibling discount*
$135/entire 8 week series  2 children
$200/entire 8 week series 3 children

If you are registering your child(ren) for all 6 sessions, please select the first date and select desired package.  If your child is dropping into a class, please select the class you want your child to attend.




We are committed to offering Yoga for our Youth!  If you are interested in offering Kid's or Tweens Yoga Classes at your school or organization, please contact us at and TOGETHER let's bring the practice of yoga and mindfulness to our youth!