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Yoga for Youth

Kid's & Family Yoga CLASSES

Mindfulness Matters

For Kids, Tweens, and Teenagers

Once a week for 6 weeks
Sunday, February 18 - Sunday, March 25


A 6-week yoga workshop series, especially designed for elementary, middle, and high schoolers, to help ease school stress. Learn simple yoga techniques including yoga poses, meditation, and mindfulness exercises to help them feel more calm, and do their best!

Relax, restore and renew! Children and youth are experiencing greater levels of stress and anxiety at younger and younger ages. Mindfulness is an empowering practice that helps establish balance in a fast paced and complex world. The Mindfulness Matters program teaches techniques that can be easily used by anyone, every day and anywhere.

Students will learn what mindfulness is, the benefits of mindfulness, and how to use mindfulness on a daily basis. They acquire skills for strengthening focus and concentration, as well as lowering stress and anxiety. Classes include calming yoga poses, simple breathing and relaxation techniques, storytelling, science of mindfulness, and a mindful guided visual journey.

Each class explores a specific mindfulness lesson, including:

  1. What is mindfulness, mindful bodies, and listening
  2. Focusing attention, and mindful breathing practice
  3. Thoughts, emotions and monkey mind
  4. Mind body stress reduction
  5. Heartfulness, gratitude and kindness
  6. Mindfulness of everyday activities, wrap up

The class length and depth varies, so they are age appropriate, relatable, relevant, and fun for all.




We are committed to offering Yoga for our Youth!  If you are interested in offering Kid's or Tweens Yoga Classes at your school or organization, please contact us at and LET'S BRING THE PRACTICE OF YOGA AND MINDFULNESS TO OUR YOUTH!